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Selected Projects - Acceleration Phase

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Fuse | Rumo Acceleration Program

The global challenge of logistics, each day, has been finding examples in society of solutions that transform peoples’ lives. In that scenario, Fuse, an acceleration program of ideas, is giving room for you to become an agent of this transformation. Receiving support from Rumo, the largest railroad operator in Latin America, Fuse is looking for innovative solutions in railroad safety, the company’s primary value.

The largest acceleration program in Railroad Safety in Brazil starts now and the solution could be yours.

What are we searching for?

Two innovative solutions for:


Railroad collisions (between trains and vehicles)


Railroad run overs

Know more about the problem set

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What we offer!


Phase 1 - Subscription

Phase 1 - Subscription

05/18 to 07/03

This is the phase where you submit your ideas. On 07/17, 10 ideas for each problem will be selected and announced to move on to the next phase.

Phase 2 - Immersion

07/20 to 07/31

On this phase, all 20 selected ideas on previous phase (10 for each problem) will receive technical mentoring about the problems at hand and will be able to make alterations to the scope of their ideas. On July 23rd, 5 solutions will be announced to move to the next phase.

Phase 2 - Immersion
Fase 3 - Idealização

Phase 3 - Creation

08/10 to 09/12

In this phase, the teams will development and create prototypes of the ideas approved during the immersion. In this phase two events will occur: in person immersion (09/09 à 09/12) and the Demoday (09/12), where the participants will be invited to visit Rumo’s headquarters, in Curitiba/PR Brazil, and 4 ideas will be chosen to sign a contract of R$200k to build and test their protypes and to be accelerated by Hards.

Phase 4 - Acceleration

09/14 to 12/12

During the Acceleration phase, all teams will develop their prototypes and will receive assistance and mentoring in developing their businesses. In this phase all the infrastructure of Hards lab will be at your disposal, located in Florianópolis/SC, Brazil.

Phase 4 - Acceleration

Fase 5 - Graduation


In December, all four finalists will graduate and receive their certificate of completion of the acceleration program in na event in Curitiba/PR Brazil.


We are waiting for your idea.


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  • 4 And that’s it, your idea is submitted. Stay tuned to receive the confirmation e-mail!
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About Rumo

Get to know Rumo, the company behind Fuse and to this day the largest railroad operator in Brazi,l that also offers logistics services such as railroad transportation, seaport elevation and storage.


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